Shenhuan, Ou Shi Building, Central, with a valuation of over 400 million

The value of the old building in the urban area was rebuilt

The former Ou Tai Building, which was acquired by the former Taikoo Taipan and the Wantai Co., Ltd., has held more than 80% of the shares

The new project has applied for a strong auction, with an estimated value of over 400 million. Yuan, it is expected to be rebuilt into a 36,000-inch mini commercial building after unification.

Located at the Oushi Building at 15 to 19 Hollywood Road, Central, opposite the Revitalization Project Complex (formerly the Central Police Station Complex), it is now a commercial and residential project with a height of about 8 storeys, including 3 floors for commercial use

On the floor, the building is about 52 years old. The developer has accumulated about 86.207% of the ownership. The remaining one shop and storage room, as well as two residential units, have not been successfully acquired. There are two groups of small owners. The Chinese shop is held by Henry Chin Sheng Chong and is the same as the English name of Dong Changqin, the elected member of the Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce.

The applicant is former Taiko Taipan Jane Kifu

The strong applicant is Fu Huang Co., Ltd., and the registered directors include Keita Kerr, a former Taikoo Taipan, who founded tds, and Zheng Yu and Zhou Guocai, who are related to Wantai Group, and are estimated to be cooperative development projects.

The project site area is approximately 2,419 square feet and is now classified as “commercial" with a height limit of 120 meters above the main level. According to the developer’s commissioned surveyor’s valuation of the property, the project’s valuation ranges from 408 million to 411 million yuan. The calculation is based on a commercial plot ratio of 15 times. The floor can be built around 36,000 square feet per square foot. The land price is about 11,000 yuan.

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