Qingshengyuan has paid a total price of 5.85 million

Driven by the new disk in the same district, the second-hand market in Tsing Yi District accelerated in November, and 14 transactions were temporarily recorded in the first six days, a sharp increase of more than three times compared with the same period last month

The high-rise households in the homes of Ching Shing Court changed hands at a free market price of 5.85 million yuan, creating a new high selling price.

Market participants pointed out that the 21st floor of the high-rise single-family house, Qingsheng Court, has a saleable area of ​​490 square feet, with a free market price of 5.85 million yuan. The average practical price is 11,938 yuan, and the price is the highest in the housing estate. The original owner purchased it for 3.79 million yuan in 2015, and the profit of holding the goods for 4 years was 2.06 million yuan, and the unit appreciated 54%.

Jinanyuan 3 room price reduction of 300,000

In addition, Maanyuan Jinanyuan 3 rooms reduced 300,000 yuan, and Zhongyuan Real Estate Branch Divisional Sales Manager Hu Yaozu said that the latest transaction is the low-rise 9th floor of Block C of Jinanyuan, with a usable area of ​​645 square feet, 3 rooms separated, and the unit is free market price. 7.68 million yuan released, bargaining 300,000 yuan, to 7.38 million yuan, the average price of 11,442 yuan, the new buyer is the user, the original owner in 2008 to buy units for 1.9 million yuan, holding 11 years of book profit 5.48 million yuan left the market, the unit appreciated about 2.9 times.

October second-hand home ownership 338 sale

Secondly, second-hand housing transactions rebounded in October. According to the latest data from the Land Registry, in October, 338 home ownership transactions (including the second market and the free market) were recorded in Hong Kong, compared with 229 cases in September. It rebounded by 48% to a new high of nearly 4 months. The total value of the transaction during the period was about 1.73 billion yuan, up 46% from the previous month’s 1.19 billion yuan, a record high of nearly three months.

Chen Haichao, head of research department of Lijiage Real Estate, said that the Sino-US trade war is expected to reach a first-phase agreement. The overall investment market sentiment is good, which will help to enhance the confidence of buyers in the market. It is expected that the registration of second-hand HOS purchases in November is expected to increase by 20%. Up to about 400 levels.

In October, the average price of second-hand HOS flats fell to 5.114 million yuan, down 1.3% month-on-month, falling for 3 months, and falling 7.2% from the July high. However, due to the impressive increase in the first half of this year, the average price of HOS for the first 10 months still has a 12.6% increase.

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