Peak Duplex luxury home for sale 245 million

Although the market conditions of second-hand luxury homes have been quiet in recent months, there are still many buyers who are looking for quality properties

Altadena House, the top-ranked Baijiadao, which has been smothered and sold, has recently registered low-rise duplex households with 245 million yuan for two parking spaces.

It is understood that the site was originally held by members of the Jiadun Zhang family who produce bread and other foods

The unit has a usable area of 4,073 square meters, and enjoys the sea view of the harbor, with a price of 60,152 yuan. The previous transaction of the project has been traced back to one year. At that time, a low-level household was sold by transferring the company’s equity, and the price was about 260 million yuan.

Southern District property has appreciated 1.4 times in 12 years

For the low-density residential area, No. 40, Cape Point Road, Southern District, the first transaction was recorded in the past four years. Some units were registered and sold with a parking space of $39.8 million. The sale price was $1,282 and the price was $31,045. The original industry hosted the goods for 12 years, and the value of the unit was 1.4 times.

In addition, the Yunhui Building in Happy Valley broke the stagnation in recent months. The market pointed out that the medium-sized unit with a saleable area of 1,953 square meters was purchased by the

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