Hong Kong people unite to rebuild people’s livelihood

Hong Kong people must work together to reorganize the people’s livelihood and the market’s distribution of wealth

The property market is just the top priority. However, in the past, the government did not have a complete plan to deal with the property market, and even just went to “headaches, feet." Pain in the foot." Incomplete plans will not only solve the problem’s focus, but also generate new problems. Because the property market is like a flood, it can only be channeled and unblocked. Only applying pressure to a single link will make the problem become more important in other links. serious. The best example is the “real estate hotspot" that could effectively make the financial market more stable. It was first introduced in 2010. Because of the increased cost of re-stocking and complicated procedures, the second-hand release volume has been reduced by at least 65. More than %, this change has become a new impetus for the property market to rise.

If you use a simple method to describe the complex property market, I hope that everyone understands that the property market is divided into four major links and affects the distribution of people’s livelihood and wealth:

1. First-hand supply. Compared with the 1990s, it is roughly estimated that Hong Kong will build less than 500,000 units

2. Second-hand building supply. That is, the second-hand market is not only released after the hot market, but everyone has neglected that the second-hand release is the largest supply of the property market. This neglect makes the property price rise faster and sharper.

3. Enter the market threshold

Even if the property price is cheaper, the supply is much more, but because the mortgage is too strict, it is difficult for the new generation to get on the train, so that the society can not allocate a reasonable amount of wealth. The 90% mortgage of the Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited has taken over the role of providing boarders with low barriers since the Government withdrew from the market in 2002. However, at least most young people do not know that they can borrow 90% after 2015. This is exactly the efficiency of Hong Kong’s culture of “making more mistakes, less mistakes, less mistakes, and mistakes" in Hong Kong for more than a decade. We should work hard together to change.

4. The correct concept of home ownership. A few years before the price of property was half cheaper, young people mostly advocated the theory of “house slaves". When the demand for buying a house became a declaration under the morality, it would further make a large number of people miss the opportunity to get on the train. Of course, in the past two decades, there have been some misconceptions that the market is to buy the urban area. Many lawyers or professionals feel that they are more honorable. Therefore, they can buy Kowloon and other places on the train. This is “wrong to fly." The concept of “starting". In fact, based on the estimated median income of 19,600 yuan in 2019, 30% of the monthly savings of two young people (25 to 34 years old), assuming that the annual artificial increase is 5%, and the savings of 3.58 can be paid 400. The first phase of the property is mixed with miscellaneous fees. The older generation is also supporting the concept of mistakes. It is also one of the reasons why people buy houses or “can’t buy a building" in proportion. Therefore, to solve the housing problem, Hong Kong people must first return to their own ideas. It was only a few decades ago.

The author definitely agrees that the DAB has recently cited the “Resumption of Lands Ordinance" and the “Tenants Purchase Scheme". Any civil servant with administrative difficulties should resolve it. Nothing is more important than fair distribution of benefits. We will not do the above two proposals. Hong Kong’s political disputes will be difficult to cure.

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