Jiafeng Hui plans to sell in the month Jingjing re-launched 12 groups sold out

The new market was launched in succession

According to market news, K. Wah International (00173) Kowloon East Kai Tak Kwai Fung quickly sold the floor paper and had the opportunity to launch it within the month. After the Government relaxed the mortgage insurance property price ceiling (relaxing the insurance), the nano-buildings were still well-received. The Tuen Mun Jing, which is known as the “Dragon Bed”, pushed 12 groups yesterday and was smashed.

Jiafenghui has been approved for pre-sale for a long time. The market said that the sales paper will be approved soon. The project provides 1006 gangs. It is the largest project in Kaide New Development Zone to date. It consists of 4 residential buildings and 4 bungalows. The first new flat in the district to provide bungalows; the tiered units provide an open-to-two-room separation, with the main two-bedroom households accounting for more than half.

After the government relaxed the insurance, the unit with a property price of less than 10 million yuan can build a mortgage of 80% to 90%, and the nano-units are still sought after. Jingjing re-launched 12 groups yesterday, including 9 large order positions, and some units increased their prices by 2% to 4.1%. The project received a total of 116 tickets, 12 groups were cleared on the same day, and a single day was available for 38.877 million yuan. Increased to 342, only 14 of them are for sale.

Shanshui surplus two days to collect 100 votes

Yuen Long Shan Shui Ying of Road King Infrastructure (01098), the second day of the second day of the month, said that the project received about 100 votes in two days, with the first price of 67 people, over 0.5 times. Shanshui Ying, located at No. 3 Gaopu Trail, provides a total of 331 groups with a saleable area of ​​300 to 3,889 square meters. It is expected to enter the company at the end of March 2021. The first batch of discounted average price is 10,973 yuan, and the entrance fee is 9.068 million yuan.

Jiaming Group (01271) Tsing Yi Ming Qiaohui conducted 292 gangs in the second round of sales today. The project was drafted yesterday, and a total of 6,181 registrations were obtained. The purchase was over 20 times, with an average of 21 people competing for 1 team. This is a three-day period for the new disk to sell the peak period, together with Mingqiaohui, a total of 10 sets of about 504 sets.

New Panyu City, the price increase, Hengdi (00012) Aberdeen Nanjin. On the shore, the price of 4 gangs was raised yesterday, with an increase of 2% to 8.4%

The next Monday (11th) will sell 6 gangs; the same line of Xiying Pan Hanlin Feng also sold 2 gangs on the same day, which was ordered at the end of last month. The 2nd and 10th floor F rooms are rarely sold at a reduced price, but the reduction is less than 1%. In addition, Ho Man Tin, a subsidiary of Foxit International (00627), reissued the price list earlier, increased the concession and significantly priced more than 10%. The developer implemented 30 groups to be sold next Monday.

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