Residential rents fell for 3 months, an average of 36.2 yuan

A study by Zhongyuan Real Estate pointed out that the average rent for private housing in October was 36.2 yuan, down 2.2% month-on-month

The rent has been falling for three months, and the decline has continued to expand. In August, it fell 1.1%, September. It fell 1.3% and fell 2.2% in October, with a cumulative drop of 4.5%.

Huang Liangsheng, senior co-director of the Central China Real Estate Research Department, believes that the rental trend continues to fall downwards and is estimated to return to the low of 35.6 yuan in February this year. Currently, there is only a difference of 1.6%.

October fell 2.2%, the biggest decline in 44 months

According to the newly-received tenancy statistics of Central Plains Property, the average rent of 107 large private residential estates in Hong Kong recorded an average rent of $36.2 per square foot, down 2.2% from $37 in September, a decrease of 44 months (over 3 years). Half) Maximum. The last rent adjustment was started in September 2018. At that time, the rent fell for 6 months, falling from a high of 37.8 yuan to a minimum of 35.6 yuan (February this year), with a cumulative decline of 5.8%. In March of this year, rents began to rebound and then returned to historical highs in just five months, during which time they rose by 6.5%.

The 10 largest blue-chip housing estates recorded 41.5 yuan in the first city of Sha Tin in October, down 2.4% month-on-month.

Taikoo City fell 2.3% and Mobil New Village fell 2%

On the other hand, Bu Jialiang, the chief co-director of Hong Kong Property, said that the B-room of the middle floor of Nanshan Pavilion in Taikoo City has a usable area of ​​about 582 square feet, which is a two-room interval. The owner rents about 24,000 yuan for about one month to attract customers from outside. Inquiries, the two sides negotiated a price reduction of 2,000 yuan, rented out at 22,000 yuan, and a practical lease of 37.8 yuan. The owner purchased it in May 2019 for about $12.5 million and the rental return was about 2.1%.

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