Resolving the crisis is an important step

he had withdrawn the amendment of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance

Many Chambers of Commerce expressed understanding and support

He believed that in the face of increased economic downside risks, it is urgent to guard the rule of law and stop the violence as soon as possible.

Let investors regain confidence

The Hong Kong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce (CCP) said that the SAR Government has taken the overall interests of Hong Kong as its premise, listened to the views of various parties and announced the withdrawal of the amendments. This will help ease the recent tense social atmosphere, strengthen communication and resolve conflicts. The Chief Executive of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Cai Guanshen believes that the Chief Executive has proposed “four actions" to dispel the public’s doubts about the amendments and to promote a dialogue platform for all sectors of the community and to join hands in the various political and economic situations facing Hong Kong. And social problems to find a solution to take an important step.

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries (CTU) also said that in the face of increased economic downside risks, the business sector, especially SMEs, are under tremendous pressure and affect the job market and people’s livelihood

Therefore, the community is expected to work together in a rational, peaceful and pragmatic manner. Dialogue, narrow differences, seek consensus, let Hong Kong return to stability, and move forward. The manufacturer believes that a number of economic data reflect the economic recession and the rising risk of rising unemployment. It is urgent to protect the rule of law and stop violent protests as soon as possible, so that passengers and investors at home and abroad can restore confidence in Hong Kong. Lin Longan, president of the Hong Kong China Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, said that the government has released goodwill and is also striving to build a platform for communication. It is pointed out that the most urgent thing at present

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