Yixin SARS price is about 1938 yuan per sale

Tseung Kwan O Yi Xin Yuan was launched twice in 2003 and 2004

The sales volume was large. During the period of life, the property market recovered from SARS. The rebound strength was strong, indicating that the purchasing power of the market could be concurrently generated in a short period of time. The plate first launched 168 gangs in March 2003, with an average construction area price of 1938 yuan, but only sold 41 gangs on the first day. After one year, the developers made a comeback, even if the property price rose to 2393 with the market sentiment warming up. Yuan, an increase of 23%, but sold more than 500 people in a single day, the momentum is no longer.

In 2004, the price of sputum rose by 23%

The Yixin Garden, developed by the HKHS, has provided more than 1400 people. This is a subsidized housing. However, after the land premium was re-used, it was converted into a private building. The developer sold the first batch of 168 in the SARS period in 2003. Pushed to 336, but only received 178 registrations. At that time, the most flat unit sold for 1.154 million, the most flat price was 1744 yuan, and the low market price was about 10%. Many prospective buyers were even more shrinking, so that the first day was only sold. 41 people, but it is a veritable “fishing king."

In May 2004, the HS was re-sold after packaging. The average price was 2,393 yuan

The admission price rose to 1.371 million, but the market price was still about 10%. As a result, the majority of the buyers were attracted to the ticket. 418, sold more than 500 people on the first day, as the first phase only needs half a set, and provides a half-year turnover period, attracting a large number of short-term speculators to wait for the opportunity to subscribe, and set off a small speculation.

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