Six shares of today’s listed Xinji Shaxi dark disk rose 41% the most stealing mirror

Today, six new shares were listed on the same day

All the public offerings were over-subscribed. According to the data of Yaocai Securities, 6 new stocks performed very differently last night, 4 were higher than the listed price and 2 were inserted. In addition, South African gold miner Silicon Valley Paradise Gold Group (01342) offered shares today, with an offer price ranging from 13.1 to 17.5 yuan per share, raising a maximum of 1.407 billion yuan. Dong Xia, CEO of the group, said that the Group is currently in the stage of initial investment and production improvement, and it is expected to turn a profit in 2020.

6 new shares announced the results of the IPO, Kantley Medical

The device (01501) recorded an oversubscription of nearly 267 times. The company started the callback mechanism, which increased the proportion of the public offering to 50%, and subscribed for 200 shares. The winning rate was only 30%. It is necessary to subscribe for 7 hands. The International Placing also recorded over 8 times oversubscription. Dongpu Pharmaceutical (01875) recorded an oversubscription of nearly 12 times, and subscribed for 20 hands to secure one hand. Xinji Shaxi (03603) recorded an oversubscription of approximately 3.6 times, and subscribed for 6 hands to secure one hand. Yimei International (01870) recorded an oversubscription of 19 times and won 20 hands. Dalip Holdings (01921) recorded an oversubscription of 1.5 times and secured two hands. BENG SOON MACH (01987) oversubscribed 25 times and subscribed for 75 hands to secure one hand. According to Yaocai trading market data, the best performance of the dark disk last night was Xinji Shaxi, which closed at 1.41 yuan, up 41% from the listed price of 1 yuan, and earned 1,230 yuan per hand for 3000 shares.

The Condé medical device closed at 25.65 yuan, which is 20.8 yuan higher than the listed price, 23.3% higher. It does not cover the handling fee, 200 shares per lot, and the book earns 910 yuan. The dark price of Yimei and Dalipu increased by 17.53% and 5.03% respectively compared with the offer price. No fee was charged, and each account earned 425 yuan and 160 yuan respectively. Among the 6 new stocks, only Dongying Pharmaceutical and Beng Soon Mach’s dark performance was lower than the listing price. Dongpu Pharmaceuticals closed at 6.15 yuan, 6.11% lower than the listed price of 6.55 yuan, and 400 shares per lot. Excluding the handling fee, each hand erodes 160 yuan. Beng Soon Mach inserts 2% of water, 4000 lots per hand, and eclipses 40 yuan.

Silicon Valley Paradise today attracted 3,535 yuan to enter the market

Silicon Valley Paradise Gold’s offer price per share ranged from 13.1 to 17.5 yuan, with a maximum of 1.407 billion yuan. The average entry fee was 3,535 yuan, and the exclusive sponsor was CITIC CLSA. The company will close the subscription on November 18th and is expected to be listed on the 25th of this month.

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