80% of the six-year eclipse in the North Point

A market in the North Point, when the palm of the year is on sale, it is very lively, sold out in a short time, but it has been in the market since then

A case of eclipse was recorded in the “City Treasury" market in North Point. The property fell 80% in six years. The transaction was at No. 25, Building B, 1 to 3, City Garden, No. 223, Electric Road. The building area was about 60 square meters. It was changed to 360,000 and the average price was 6,000 yuan. The original owner bought it in 1.714 million in November 2013. In the year, the book lost 15.14 million and the property depreciated by about 80%.

One of the shopping malls in Tin Wan Tsuen Wan Square, Tsuen Wan, was sold on the 1st floor, Shop No. 1079, with a change of 1 million

The original owner bought it at 460,000 in January 2011. The goods were held for more than 8 years and the book profit was 540,000. Property appreciation 1.17

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