The social conflict caused by the anti-reforms has not subsided, but the developers have regained the pace of pushing

Xindi (0016) Nanchang Station Huijing III was opened yesterday, after the Maanshan Junyuan, the second new debut in this month

Huiyi III 235 gang, deducting the highest 20% discount, the entire batch of discounted average 21,722 Yuan, compared with the same year, the first batch of discounted averages of 21,152 yuan, only 2.7% higher than the same period, far lower than the increase of the property price index over 10%. In addition, the first round of the 182-person Weidefeng (0020) Tseung Kwan O Sunrise Kangcheng 9B GRAND MARINI, on the 9th, received 1400 votes, about seven times the excess. Ming Pao reporter Zhang Yunting, Lin Shangmin

Xinyi, the deputy managing director of the company, said that the first batch of the discounted average price of the company was 21,722 yuan, which is similar to the first price of the company in November 2017. It is described as the “back time" and the next week. On sale. He pointed out that the price has been adjusted in response to the recent slowdown in the market conditions and is a reasonable market price. I believe buyers will accept it.

In fact, the discounted price of the first round of the III is similar to the current second-hand average of the Olympic Station estates

SHKP: The price is adjusted according to the market conditions. The price of the unit is 275 to 1513 square meters, covering open to 4 households, including 1 household; the whole set of discounted price is 6.13 million to 40.33 million yuan. The discounted price is 19,988 to 26,659 yuan, and the total market value is about 2 billion yuan at a discounted price.

As for the entrance fee, the minimum is 8 Blocks, 6th Floor, Room D, which is a 275-square-open open plan for a saleable area. The discounted price is 6.13 million yuan and the discounted price is 22,300 yuan (along with the Huis Fans discount and extra cash discount). The discounted price is 6.05 million yuan).

Chen Yongjie, vice chairman and president of the residential department of the Central Asia-Pacific region, said that he believes that the developer’s offer price has taken into account the recent social atmosphere and the Sino-US trade war. It is expected that the first batch of bags can be cleared. The estimated price increase will be between 3% and 5%. The number of transactions in the first month of the month reached 2,000.

MARINI received 4,200 votes in the second round. The GRAND MARINI and the 9A MARINI, which will be sold in the 9th phase of Wheelock, will have a total of 318 votes. Among them, GRAND MARINI has received 1400 votes, and the current round of the first round of sale of 182 buddies is about 7 times; MARINI received 4,200 votes, which is about 30 times over the current round of 136 buddies.

Junyuan sold 42 people in the first round of tenders and another CITIC Pacific Maanshan Junyuan

After the average of 15,999 yuan, the first 50 people, the sales arrangement last night, finalized Saturday (14th), the first round of the Mid-Autumn Festival public holiday 42 gangs were sold; 12 of them were price units, and another 30 gangs, or 70%, were tendered for sale.

Xinghaihai provides first-aid and post-paid plan Changshi (1113) Maanshan Xinghai Hai new first-aid post-payment plan, buyers can pay 20% of the property price, they can stay in the first place, the remaining 80% can be extended to 240 days During the meeting, buyers are required to pay 1% of the transaction fee and other fees. Buyers can also choose the transition loan plan. The maximum loan price is 75%. The interest rate for 3 years is not available. The first year of interest rate P Less than 2.75% (P is 5.125%), the next year’s interest rate P is reduced by 1, and the third year is P.

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