Taikoo City is less than 10% per 6,000, and the price of the unit is below 10 million

Political events continued, the property market atmosphere was also affected, and the second-hand frequency recorded low market prices

Among them, the two houses in the lower level of Taikoo City were kings, with a price of 16962 yuan, the market price was over 10%, and the cost fell below 10 million. At the level of three years ago, as for the middle-level households in Laguna City, Kwun Tong, the price was 13694 yuan, which was about 4% lower than the market price.

Zhang Guangyao, the senior regional business director of Zhongyuan, said that the D floor of the lower level of Qigongge in Taikoo City, Quarry Bay, has an area of ​​580 square meters, and the two rooms are kings. The original price was 10.8 million, and then the price was reduced to 9.838 million, and the price was 16962 yuan. The market price exceeded 10%, and the transaction price hit a new low for similar units this year. At the same time, it also returned to the same class for 16 years. The original owner purchased it for 6.5 million in 12 years, and the book profit was 3.338 million.

Returning to the level three years ago

Li Jiage City Marketing Manager Xu Jiayang said that the 35th floor of the 35th floor of Laguna City, Kwun Tong, with an area of ​​about 517 square meters, was originally sold at 7.5 million, with a price reduction of 420,000, and finally sold at 7.08 million. The price was about 13694 yuan, low. The market price is about 4%.

Laguna City has 13,000 per trip

Li Yuqun, the business manager of the Central Sub-district, said that there are 6 high-rise F rooms in Xiaofeng Park, Tsing Yi, with an area of ​​1061 square meters, and a set of 3 rooms and another worker suite. The original price is 15 million, the price is reduced by 3 million, and the total rent is 12 million. Out, the price of 11310 yuan, the low market price of more than 10%, the price of the price returned to the level of the beginning of last year, the cost of creating the same type of unit has reached a new low in four years.

Xiaofengyuan price is 11,000 lower 10%

Xiang Qing Senior Regional Manager Huang Qingde said that the C-room of the 7th Block of the New Tuen Mun Centre in Tuen Mun, with an area of ​​462 square feet, was favored by the passengers in the area, and bought for 4.75 million. The price was 10281 yuan, slightly lower than the market price. .

New Tuen Mun Centre 4.75 million transactions

Li Zhenjie, manager of the 21st Century Branch of the 21st Century, said that the high-rise E room of the 2nd high-pitched Aobo Yufeng, with an area of ​​353 square feet, is separated by a room of 6.35 million, and the price is 17989 yuan.

Lin Zhensheng, assistant regional manager of the United States, said that the top floor of the 2nd block of the new Baocheng City of Tseung Kwan O has a total of 378 square meters, with a total area of ​​378 square meters, which is a two-bedroom interval. It was accepted by the passengers at 6.28 million and the price was 16614 yuan.

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