Taikoo Middle Level 17.2 million change hands

benefited from the widening of the insurance, the property market was booming, and long-term investors also took action

Midland Realty Gong Yanfeng said that the bank has just succeeded in facilitating the continuous tenancy of Taikoo Shing, and one of the 897 real tenants changed hands by about $17.2 million. In 2009, the goods were more than doubled.

Taikoo City, which has just been sold, is the rented unit of Room C of the middle floor of Yalian Pavilion

The practical area is about 897 square meters. The building area is about 983 square meters. It is a three-bedroom suite with a price of about 17.2 million yuan. The price is about 19,175 yuan, and the construction price is about 17,497 yuan.

As for the other connected tenants, the B-room of the middle floor of the Summer Palace in Taikoo Shing has a usable area of about 580 square feet

The building area is about 675 square feet. It is a two-room grid and is sold at a price of about 11.68 million yuan. The equivalent price is about 20,138 yuan, and the construction price is about 17,304 yuan. The original owner purchased the above property in November 2007 for about $4.15 million. The book transfer profit was about 7.53 million yuan and the property appreciation was about 181%.

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