The first three-bedroom apartment

Recently, the market sentiment has gradually improved

Many developers have launched a medium-to-small unit sales. The development of Yuen Long Shan Shui Ying, the first batch of 67 units launched yesterday, each household is a three-bedroom unit, avoiding direct competition and providing up to Eighty-one-one presses, attracting a lot of market-changing customers and investors.

The first batch of the plate is a three-bedroom unit, mainly enjoying the inner garden or garden view to the south. Among them, 37 people also have a private lift lobby with an area of ​​950 to 970 square meters. It is a 3 bedroom, 1 suite with a working room and a bathroom. The remaining 30 groups are 3 bedroom units with an area of ​​916 to 946 square meters.

Provide six payment methods

The first price list offers up to 6 payment methods, including 4 payment methods, up to 18% discount, and two payment methods during the construction period, up to a 15% discount. In addition to the payment for the construction period, the 6% “Print Duty Allowance" offer is provided, along with an 80% deposit. An additional 5% discount on the sale price is available if the purchaser does not include an estate agent and does not appoint an estate agent to purchase the relevant residential property on his behalf. It will attract users, landlords and investors in and out of the region.

Chen Zhonghao, deputy director of the Central Plains Yuen Long District, said that the offer price was attractive because the market entered the market with a slightly larger silver price, but the low price and the developer provided 80% of the press, which is believed to attract market-changing customers and families

The customer is also paying attention, and many investors are expected to be devalued. Zhang Guocheng, the assistant regional manager of the United States, said that the project is mainly for the three-bedroom large unit and has an independent private elevator lobby, which is rare in the region, and attracts the price increase, which is expected to attract the exchange of customers and investors from the inside and outside the market.

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