The focus of the new disk has changed

The Government’s Policy Address has launched a series of measures to ease the people’s bail-out. In addition to relaxing the number of mortgage loans, developers have also taken the lead in speeding up the promotion

Tsuen Wan took the lead to start, the news said that the fastest price today, the sale within the month. For the Tsing Yi Ming Cheung Estate and Yuen Long Kam Tin Shan Shui Ying, and will attack next week; in addition, Ho Man Tin also proudly launched 81 teams on Saturday.

After the publication of the “Policy Report", developers have pushed up the market, including Evergrande, which is the development of Evergrande. Tsuen Wan took the lead, and the source said that it had met with the agent yesterday to explain the fastest deployment of the project. It is reported that the fastest price can be set today. The first batch will have a lot of property prices below 10 million, while on Friday. Tickets and open demonstration units are expected to be available for sale this month.

Evergrande. Tsuen Wan Start

The plate was developed in two phases. A total of 1982 were provided. The book was uploaded earlier. The first phase consists of 4 tiers and 22 bungalows. The area ranges from 202 to 800 square meters. It is open and 1 to 3 The room is separated by 7 to 11 people on each floor. The key date is expected to be May 31, 2021. As for the 22 houses, they are divided into A and B types, each providing 11 seats. The area is 2,260 square meters, and the other is 2418 and 2420 square meters. All the bungalows are 3 stories high with basement and roof. The second phase of the hiring period is relatively late compared to the first phase. The book date shows that the key date is August 13, 2021. There are also 4 tiered houses, no bungalows, and a total of 1,228 tiers.

Mingqiao Huishan Shuiying will attack next week

The Tsing Yi Ming Chi Hui, developed by Garmin, is also preparing to attack in the short term after uploading the book. It is expected to open the price and open the demonstration unit next week and sell it within the shortest month. Providing 776 people, ranging from 278 to 2728 square meters, standard units provide 1 to 4 bedroom units, and hope to play 1 room and 2 rooms, accounting for 70% of the total number of projects, including 1 room area 299 to 313 square meters, 2 rooms 410 to 438 square meters, 3 rooms 566 to 807 square meters, 4 rooms about 808 square feet, another platform or garden unit about 278 to 808 square meters, top floor duplex households about 1829 to 2728 square meters.

In addition, Jiaming’s Yuen Long Kam Tin Shan Shui Ying, also uploaded a book in the same day, will be able to attack as early as next week. The plate provides 331 groups, including 302 tiered households and 29 bungalows, ranging from 300 to 3889 square meters. Among them, the tiered units provide 300 to 1012 square feet, ranging from open to 3 bedrooms; while the bungalows range from 2101 to 3889 square meters, of which house 1 is 3,889 square meters and has a garden of 15,291 square meters. The disc is mainly for 3 large flats, of which the flat units with an area of ​​about 300 and 501 square meters each provide 22 groups. In addition, most of the large units of the plate have private elevator lobby.

Proudly limited sales

He Wentian, proudly held by Mr. Pan Sutong, Chairman of the Bank of Finance, will launch the first 81 auctions on Saturday and will continue to open the demonstration units in Kowloon Bay. According to the sales arrangement, the 81 groups were sold in 2, 3 and 5, of which 2 units were launched, located in rooms A to C on the 3rd to 26th floors, with an area of ​​about 1244 to 1425 square meters. 5 Blocks 2 and 18, Building A and B, with an area of ​​1382 to 1399 square meters, all of which are large 3 bedrooms.

At the same time, there are also special households, which are 3 rooms, 28th and 29th floor, Room A. They are duplex units with an area of ​​3,383 square meters. They are 5 rooms with 764 square platform and 832 square roof.

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