The Government will launch two sites in the next quarter together with MTR and private projects with 3,080 units

Developers donate land without affecting the pace of pushing the land

The Government announced the third quarter land sales plan to launch two residential sites in Tuen Mun and Tai Hang. It will provide a total of 980 residential flats, the lowest since the first quarter of last year, but together with the MTR Sunrise Cancun Phase 12 and private redevelopment. The project is expected to have 3,080 units of private residential supply in the next season. For developers who donate agricultural land, the Secretary for Development, Huang Weilun, said that it will not affect the pace of government land-building. The newspaper reported by the Hong Kong News Department

The two plots to be tendered for sale in the next quarter are located at Castle Peak Road – Castle Peak Bay, Area 48, Tuen Mun, and 135 Tai Hang Road

The two sites provide a total of 980 residential units, a decrease of 27% quarter-to-quarter. The area of ​​the site in Tuen Mun is relatively large, about 1.354 hectares, and the area of ​​the pit is only 0.399 hectares. The Government has pointed out that together with the MTR Sunrise Cancun Phase 12 project, it will provide about 2,000 squads and redevelopment and private development projects. It is estimated that a total of 3聽080 flats will be provided in the next quarter. This is 9,230 gangs, accounting for about 68% of the annual supply target of 13,500 gangs, are confident that they will meet the target in this fiscal year.

Confident supply standards

Property Consultant Knight Frank is expected to build 129,000 square feet of land for Da Hang Road, with a land price of 15,000 to 18,000 yuan per square floor, with a total price of 1.9 billion to 2.3 billion yuan; and a floor plan of 60.7 for Tuen Mun residential land. 10,000 square feet, the floor price of each square floor is 6,000 to 6,500 yuan, and the total price is 3.6 billion to 4 billion yuan. As for the 12th phase of the sunrise, the project can build 950,000 square feet, with a valuation of 5.7 billion to 6.7 billion yuan. The price of each floor is 6,000 to 7,000 yuan.

Do not push commercial land in the next season

For the New World, donating 3 million square feet to the government or social enterprises to build a house, Huang Weilun thinks it is a good thing, and pointed out that it will not affect the pace of government push, pointing out that the dominance of all land planning is in the hands of the government, and reiterates that there will be an endless supply. : “If you look at the various measures of the Land Supply Task Force, if we can really do it, we will do 3,000 hectares of new land in the future. Therefore, no matter how much land the individual developers donate, it will not affect the Government’s multi-pronged approach. Under the strategy, all kinds of measures have been pushed forward and some influences have not been made."

Kai Tak commercial re-circulation, he stressed that the government’s valuation of the land is still “posted to the market", pointing out that the government will look at the recent market transactions, this is no different from the private market, “but the private market to see their own company’s risk tolerance How much and how much willingness to bear market risks? He believes that the current system is functioning well and the valuation of the Lands Department is still very good. However, he said that the government will not launch commercial land in the next quarter, but denied that it is related to the social atmosphere and the ongoing conflict.

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