The transitional housing has increased greatly for the next three years

In view of the difficulty in providing new housing supply in a short period of time, the Policy Address provides a number of measures to cope with the proposal, including the proposal to substantially increase transitional housing, assist low-income families, provide 10,000 flats in the next three years, and set aside $5 billion

Construction fee. The cash allowance is also used to provide support to non-public housing and non-CSSA low-income households, including those on the Waiting List.

Mrs Lam said that the transitional housing project will be substantially increased. In the next three years, a total of 10,000 flats will be provided to support the pressure on the poor living environment and long-term waiting for public housing families. She said that in addition to the short-term vacant government land and public facilities, it will also be carried out on land borrowed by private developers, and the construction expenses reserved by the government will also increase to $5 billion.

Cash allowance to support low-income households

According to the news, there are only about 1,500 transitional flats completed or planned. However, the Government currently has about 25 hectares of land on hand. Half of the land is about government land and half is from three to five developers. There will be no plans for the next ten years, that is, these transitional housing estates can live for at least ten years and it is estimated that about 8500 units will be provided. Among the 25 hectares of land, more than 10 are relatively large, which are located in Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, North, Tai Po and Sha Tin. Each of them can be built between 500 and 3,000 flats.

In addition, Mrs Lam said that he would provide support for non-public housing and non-CSSA low-income households, including those on the Waiting List, through the cash subsidy

Since the relevant research work will take time, the Administration will invite the Community Care Fund to be in the same place. The “one-off living allowance" for the above-mentioned low-income families will be issued twice in the next year to complete the study on the introduction of the Evergreen Cash Allowance Scheme by the end of next year and to increase the rent for CSSA recipients. The maximum amount of the allowance.

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