Last month, three hot tax transactions were 1220, the least in five years

The social movement lasted for many months, and the property market was greatly affected

Even the number of transactions and the amount involved in the three hot stamping duties (including the additional stamp duty SSD, buyer stamp duty BSD and ad valorem stamp duty DSD) were significantly reduced. The Inland Revenue Department announced yesterday that the data for September this year showed that there were 29 cases of SSDs and 107 cases of BSD cases in September this year. There were even 108 cases of DSD cases, that is, there were 1220 cases of the three cases of Spicy Taxation. In July 2014, the number of 427 cases was the lowest in more than five years. However, it must be noted that some of the cases involved in the sale of 2 cases and even 3 items of hot taxation, so the actual number of transactions involving hot tax is expected to be less than 1220. In September this year, the above three cases of Spicy Taxation involving a total amount of about 978 million yuan were recorded at a low level of about 954 million yuan in February this year, down 24.3% from about 1.291 billion yuan in August this year, and fell for 5 months. .

The three hot-selling transactions were “failed in price”. Among them, the total transaction volume (including residential and non-residential) of DSD transactions in September this year was only 1084, which was 25.5% lower than the 1455 cases in August this year

The decline was the lowest since July 2014; the amount involved was the lowest in 7 months since February this year. In September this year, it recorded about 727 million yuan, down about 22.5% from the 937 million yuan in August this year. Months.

In the 1084 transactions in DDS in September this year, residential transactions accounted for 247 cases, a decrease of 37% compared with 392 cases in August this year; non-residential transactions decreased by approximately 21.3% from 1063 cases in August this year to 837 in September this year. Zong.

Even the BSD volume decreased significantly in the month of 2007. In September this year, only 107 cases were recorded, which was about 55.8% more than the 242 cases in August this year

The amount was also increased by 30.2% from August of this year, about 331 million yuan. About 231 million yuan. In addition, in September this year, a total of 29 cases of SSD transactions decreased by 4 cases (about 12.1%); the amount also fell by about 11.5%, from 22.526 million yuan in August this year, to about 19,870,000 yuan in September this year.

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