Too many temporary workers

The US non-profit organization “China Labor Watch" released a report on Monday that Apple and the manufacturer Foxconn violated Chinese labor regulations and opened the world’s largest iPhone factory to employ too many temporary workers, and the working environment was bad

Organized to work undercover to the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou City, and found that 50% of workers are temporary workers, exceeding the prescribed 10%. Even if the summer vacation is over, the number of temporary workers in the factory will still be 30%, and the employees will need to work 100 hours a week. The report criticized Apple for transferring the burden of trade wars to workers through cooperative producers and profiting through the exploitation of workers.

In response, Apple acknowledged that the proportion of temporary workers was too high and refuted that most of the organization’s allegations were inconsistent with the facts

that the workers received reasonable remuneration, including overtime pay and bonuses, emphasizing that all workers were working overtime, and there was no evidence of forced labor. . Foxconn also confirmed that there were too many temporary workers and overtime work, and admitted that it was inconsistent with the company code, but reiterated that it was voluntary.

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