Tung Chung investors are rushing for goods

Social conflicts have not seen a decline

The Central Plains City Leading Index (CCL), which reflects the trend of second-hand property prices, has hit a new low of 18 weeks. The confidence of the owners has been hit. In addition to the high-priced housing estates in Hong Kong Island, the price of 2.3 million yuan has been reduced. Cash plan, the future of second-hand property prices may continue to face pressure.

Tung Chung recorded three price cuts on a single day last Saturday

One of the regional investors holding “heavy goods" sold two sets simultaneously on Saturday. One of them is a high-rise two-bedroom unit on the bank of the seawall. The utility area is 521 baht. The original price was 6.5 million yuan. The final price was 6 million yuan. The price was 11,516 yuan, and the low market price was about 18%.

At the same time, the investor also took out five high-rise two-bedroom households on the Blue Sky Coast, with a saleable area of ​​490 baht and a asking price of 6.5 million yuan

far below the market price of 10%, and finally reduced by 300,000 yuan to 6.2 million yuan, with a price of 12,653 yuan. The creation of a new low this year. Midland Realty Wu Huibin said that since the end of July, the investor has done all three properties in Tung Chung and will next “clear" its Olympic station property.

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