Unknown market conditions buyer subletting PARKVILLE

Uncertain market conditions have hit some buyers into the market and then recorded and bought for rent

Some buyers originally planned to buy homes for 6 million yuan, and finally rented the two-bedroom Tuen Mun THE PARKVILLE for 16,000 yuan.

Zhongyong Wu Yonghao said that the unit is a high-rise room B, with a saleable area of ​​422 square feet, with a two-room interval, and a practical rent of 37.9 yuan. Tenants are family members. Seeing that the social atmosphere is unstable in the near future, they are afraid to rush into the market. Therefore, they have recently decided to rent the address. If the owner purchase price of 6.79 million yuan in seven years, the return rate is about 2.8%.

Jiahu recorded 48 rentals last month

The rental of Jiahu Villa in Tianshuiwei in the neighboring area remained buoyant. Xiangyi Xie Liguan said that the 13th floor of Lehuju has a practical area of ​​633 square meters. It is a three-bedroom apartment with a toilet and a share of 14,000 yuan. For rent, the utility rent is 22.1 yuan. Due to the willingness to pay a half-year rent, the landlord has seen this and decided to reduce the rent by 1,000 yuan.

Zhongyuan Wu Yaozu said that the Panmei Lake is a middle-floor A room with a practical area of ​​629 square meters

The three-bedroom suite includes a design. The monthly rent is 155,000 yuan and the rent is 24.6 yuan. Last month, there were about 48 rental cases, and the average practical rent was about 24.8 yuan. It is expected that the rental market atmosphere will stabilize as the summer season ends.

As for the Tsuen Wan-shaped Hui, which was occupied this year, due to the new age of the building, the Panyuan has a good bearing capacity. Q Fangwang Chen Yidong refers to the high-rise room A of the 1A building. The practical area is 479 square meters. The interval is two-bedroom households. The monthly rent is 25,000 yuan, and the rent is about 52.2 yuan. The unit was purchased by the owner for RMB 164.3 million in the first year and the return rate was about 2.8%.

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