Wan Chai Estates have been circulated for a limited number of units to be sought after

The social movements in Hong Kong continued and traffic was blocked

There were fewer pedestrians in various districts. The second-hand buildings in Wan Chai were quiet. The latest transactions were mainly based on tenancy units. For example, there was an open flat unit near the MTR station. When it was sold for a long time, it was sold by the buyer “No Buildings" with a total of 8.7 million. The price was about 25,000. Another adjacent flat-panel ring has a one-bedroom unit, and the recent tenancy has changed to 11.25 million, with a rental return rate of about 2.9%.

Zhang Yiji, the chief senior sales manager of Midland Realty, said that Wan Chai’s residential buildings are mainly single buildings and the age of the buildings is relatively large. As for the age of the buildings is less than 15 years, the trading volume in recent months is weak. In August, about 10 cases were recorded. There were no transactions for the month. Recently, there have been demonstrations and demonstrations in various districts in Hong Kong. The traffic was blocked, which hindered the flow of people on the weekend. Many of the activities and sales of the towers were changed to weekdays. In terms of customer sources, the region has always accounted for more than 70% of investment customers. However, the demand for rigid housing in the market has continued, and more users have entered the market in the second-hand market. The latest proportions are half of each.

On the other hand, at present, many of the flats in the district are rent-collecting flats

Therefore, buyers who wish to enter the market have the opportunity to “no building" and need to buy even tenancy flats. Mr Cheung said that taking the large-scale housing estates in the district as an example, about 90% of the about 130 flats are now even tenancy units. There are only about 3 key trays and about 8.8 million flats.

Among them, there are 2 low-rise N rooms in Minhui, with a practical area of ​​348 square meters. The original design has been released from the lease in 2017. The latest bid price was about 9 million in April this year, and the final price was reduced by 300,000. In August, the market price of 8.7 million leases changed hands, and the practical price was about 25,000 yuan.

Southorn Garden price of 18,956 yuan

Zhou Shikang, the chief co-director of Hong Kong Real Estate, revealed that the middle floor J room of Minhui, with a usable area of ​​461 square meters, was separated by 1 room. The unit was originally released at 13.5 million, and was first contacted by the outside of the district. After the bargaining, it was about 13.2 million. Undertake, the reduction was about 2.2%. It is understood that buyers are also taking the opportunity to enter the market in the case of “nothing".

As for the Southorn Garden near the MTR Wan Chai Station, the market was recorded in the market in the last month. It is located in Room 06 of the middle floor. The saleable area is 517 square feet. The two rooms are separated. The direction of Thomson Road is outside. The landscape is more open and the original owner has offered the price. About 10 million, after about half a year of release, the market price was 9.8 million, and the practical price was about 18,956 yuan, a decrease of about 2%. Zhou said that it is understood that the original owner of the site originally held a number of units with the same property, and began to cash out the goods from the beginning of the year. At present, although there are about 15 units for sale in the housing estates, about 70% of them are on sale for sale.

Zhou added that many of the industry’s industry hosts strong cargo prices, and the asking price is quite hard. On the contrary, the prospective buyers below the budget of “8 balls" are aggressively aggressive, ranging from 15% to 20%, resulting in the overall trading atmosphere being stuck.

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