Yulin’s price will be pushed back 30 people next Monday

As early as the end of July this year, due to changes in market conditions, the temporary sale of the house was completed

Fukushima International ( 0627 ), Ho Man Tin, La Salle Road, Yu Lam, uploaded the latest sales arrangement yesterday, will be re-opened on the 11th of this month (next Monday) Sold 30 people. The project was launched in July this year with the first discounted average price of 31,271 yuan. It is the newest selling price in Kowloon this year. The developer blitzly revised the price list at the beginning of this month to increase the discount and re-sell the price in a disguised price of 13.75%. The batch of 30 units has a saleable area of ​​260 to 419 square meters. The price ranges from 7.89 million to 17.46 million yuan. After deducting the current maximum discount of 21%, the discounted price is 6.311 million to 13.798 million yuan.

The first-hand vacant tax legislation is in place, and some developers are speeding up the sale of existing buildings. Henderson Land (0012), the West Ring Hanlin Peak, also resold two big orders at next Monday. Among them, the 4th floor F room, which was sold in April last year for 9.004 million yuan, but was purchased by the buyer at the end of last month, is a practical 366 square, which is a one-bedroom unit. The new price is lowered by 0.9% to 10.23 million. Yuan; Another 36th floor, Room B, with a usable area of ​​334 square feet, is a one-bedroom interval. It was sold in September last year for about 11.016 million yuan, but it was booked in April this year. The same family of Aberdeen, Tianwan, Nanjin, Yingan, sold 6 groups on the same day, including 3 groups of 1 households and 3 groups of open-plan households.

“Dragon Bed" Jingxi 12 groups last night

According to the comprehensive market information, a total of 23 gangs were sold in the first round of the year. More than half of them, that is, 12 were recorded in Tuen Mun “Dragon Bed". The project sold 12 units yesterday, including 9 open-end units recorded earlier in the series. Among the 9 groups, the price of 7 large orders has been increased by 1% to 2%, which is a renewed price increase. According to market news, the 12 groups that Jingjing pushed yesterday were all clear within 3 hours. In addition, Evergrande (3333), Tuen Mun, was stationed at Evergrande Bay.

Shanshui surplus two days to collect 100 votes

In addition, the 17-month-old Lu Jin Infrastructure (1098) Yuen Long Au Tau Shan Shan Ying, since the announcement of the average of 13,382 yuan to launch the first batch of units, the two days of receipt of about 100 votes, according to the first batch of 67 people, currently It has been fully subscribed. In addition, market news indicates that Ka Wah (0173) East Kowloon Kai Tak King Fung, has the opportunity to launch in a short period of time, the project involves a total of 1006.

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